Q. Will the magnet hold my gun while in a moving vehicle? 

A. Yes. If the magnet is properly mounted to your vehicle (self tapping screws recommended) then it should have no problem traveling in a moving vehicle. Take it from our customers, click here to read for yourself! 

Q. Why aren't screws included with my magnet?

A. The GERO magnet was designed for universal placement. The decision of what to use for mounting is left up to the buyer due to the infinite amount of mounting surfaces and possibilities.

Q. What materials would you recommend using for mounting the GERO gun magnet?   

A. For wood or plastic ( furniture: desk, night stand, bed side, etc.) we recommend normal screws. For vehicle placement, we recommend self-tapping screws in case you come in contact with metal. If you prefer to not drill any holes, we recommend using 3M tape.