GERO Tactical Hard Gun Case Pistol Locking Steel Metal with Foam Padding & Keys

  • Keep valuables SAFE when you TRAVEL - With its PORTABLE size you can put it under you car seat and keep important papers and other things hidden from plain sight to PREVENT break-ins
  • PREVENT A FATAL accident by keeping guns, knives and other dangerous equipments locked away from children. Lockable and with its security cable that allows you to attach the lock box to almost anything, from a desk to a nightstand, you can add a level of security to your guns
  • Use as holder and organizer to small jewels and other valuables and keep a smash and grab thief from taking valuable things. PERFECT if you want to leave your wallet or some cash in your car or hotel
  • Large enough to fit a Smith & Wesson SD9VE with a second magazine. If you're looking for something to deter you smash and grab thieves and compliance with airline rules, LOOK NO MORE! Get yours today!

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