GERO Mini Dehumidifier - Rechargeable Renewable Air Eliminator

  • GET RID OF HUMIDITY - Humidity is a firearm's silent killer and worst enemy. A build up of condensation leads to rusting, which gradually destroys a firearm slowly, but effectively. This dehumidifier is an essential component to every gun safe and storage unit. Don't get caught spending thousand of dollars trying to fix something that could've been prevented in the first place.
  • KEEP YOUR FAMILY SAFE - Mold not only can cause huge damages to housing structures, it can also have severe effects in your health. Don't risk putting your loved ones in harm's way. It is always better to be safe than sorry
  • KEEP YOUR GUNS RUST FREE - Maintaining a humidity level <40% helps prevent rust generation. Keep the dehumidifier in your gun case and save you firearms from a bad trip with rust.
  • SAVE YOUR FAVORITE THINGS - Most items especially paper and wooden materials are specially susceptible to mold and mildew. Keep your favorite things from getting ruined!
  • BUY YOURS TODAY!! and let us know what you think.

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